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Multimeters that do not appear to meet their safety specs. (updated frequently)

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--- Quote from: joeqsmith on May 03, 2020, 02:34:23 pm ---Looks like he has a new video on safety. 

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I think that what he says in his video is wrong or at least dangerously incomplete: Having a device tested by a certified testing house is fine and dandy but what's really important is what norms and standards it has been tested against. UL or any other similar testing institution will only do the test you ask them to do. So being UL listed may for example only mean that they tested it for environmental or fire safety or but not electrical safety and then the CAT rating may just as much be a lie as for any 5 dollar meter from aliexpress.
That means that the really important step is not finding the meter in some database but looking at the tests they actually performed.

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What one needs to keep in mind when thinking about multimeter safety is if it has a rating is that it actually has a testing house proof of its safety. CE is useless IMHO. Anyone can place CE on their product and all they are doing is hanging themselves out for liability should it actually not pass the CE directives.Some countries don't care or worry about the liability so it is a useless certification. If a product has a TUV, UL, CSA, or some other certification then the records of what criteria has been tested are available for the asking. This thread was started to help people understand the differences between safe (or safer) meters and pure BS. I am glad that has raised some awareness.

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--- Quote from: Lightages on July 08, 2020, 01:11:24 am ---Oh yes..... I am back!

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And nearly 2 years since you posted last.  :o

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I was getting bored with my new 9-5 life so I decided to get active again. There will be videos!

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