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Multimeters that do not appear to meet their safety specs.

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Scanning through this thread there are repeated mentions of meters bearing the CE mark.  Not all CE marks are the same.

There's the The ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©enne CE mark and the China Export mark.  I'll leave you to decide which is a copy of which and why they look so similar.

More info here:

I'm in the middle of an online course about safety (Electrical Measurement Safety Online Course), and now I understand why I should keep Chinese DMMs away from mains or larger voltage sources, why measurement equipment from reputable brands such as Fluke or Keysight cost what they cost and why professionals pay more for safer equipments. It shows a lot of pictures of toasted DMMs due to low quality fuses, fake CAT ratings or cheap test leads. They even show what happens to a dummy in a arc flash blast and a interview with a electrician who survived such incident, very scary stuff.

According to the presentation by Fluke, around 15-20% of the cost of good electrical meters is composed by input protection, either manufacturing or testing, it's way more serious that I thought it to be. Guess I'll stick my Chinese DMM, which does not have a single certification mark, to use on low power electronics only.

I can't comment about meter safety but fully support issues with the user, even a well trained user having a bad day, distracted or in a rush can stuff up - I have, do and will again in the future, I appreciate other safety systems that I try NOT to rely upon - but appreciate their presence. One of the better comments I got from an experienced field technician - before you power stuff up, have a break then come back, look it over and re-check. Has been very helpful advice for me.

Bump - just to demonstrate a point.

Wavetek Meterman HD110 (2nd generation Taiwan build) with huge LCD 21mm or 3/4", circa 2000.
Trashbin find, I was repairing it and then saw this at the input jack board  :scared:
Spacings are maybe 1mm at best, in many places. Basically terrible. Rated 1,000VAC 1,500Vpk, 3kV for 10usec and has no formal agency approvals.


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