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A look at Metrix MX67 multimeter.

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David, I enjoy your videos on youtube very much and I was going to upload some photos of a multimeter but really cant see how to upload images from my camera. I honestly think if I have to spend more than 5 mins trying to figure it out it means your site is broken. Lots of childish icons to choose from though. Also, I am logged in, so why bother with the verification process below?

Click the 'attachments and other options' under the message pane; in there you should be able to attach your images.  There are filesize limitations, though, for hopefully obvious reasons!

The verification should goes away after a certain number of posts (or is it time?) -- it certainly doesn't show up when I post now, for instance.

There is nothing wrong with the site. It would seem that you are not familiar with how to use it.

Here, let me show you.

If you have the picture hosted some place in the internet, that you press the button on the left, kind of brown one with a picture of a picture on it and then you insert the link between the tags.

Alternatively, if the picture is on your hard drive and you have nowhere to host it, you can use the attachments option below the text box.

I have attached pictures to make it clearer for you.

We look forward to seeing your review.

kibi, I think users should be able to compose a nice looking post without thinking who hosts what and thinking about attachments ( A word that people should have an allergic reaction to) I want Davids site to work well because his videos are some of the best stuff on youtube and I know if I stumble about using this site it then plenty of others will too.

Not FaceBook, you do need to think about what you post here. Warren is being very kind and explaining how to post, and it is a very polite explanation, very common and pretty much the same across all forums that run SMF to do the blog side. the Captha is a simple way to reduce spam, it goes away after a certain number of posts when the SMF software starts to think you are a human and not an automated spam script.

The basic option is to click the attachments, add the image via selecting it in the dropdown menu, selecting the next one etc until you have them all or have reached the limit, then click post. You can also choose to return to the post or get notified about replies as well there. It seems to work well for the rest of us, you can even paste a video URL into the text box and it will be automatically made into a link.


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