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About the Rigol DS4014 data store (into a file)


I'm told [by a local 'Rigol' Tech Rep] that captured data storing into a file (either in Tabular format, or in CSV format) can ONLY be done using the rear USB port (Slave ?).

However, can captured DATA (not only Screenshot JPGs) be also stored using the front USB (Master ?) into either a USB DOK or a PC ?

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The DS4000 series scopes have three USB ports, two "host" ports and one "device" port.  Either host port (one on front and one on back panel) can be used to store any of the waveform and/or setup data on flash drives.  They show up as drive letters in the save menu.  The device port is used to interface with a computer, or to plug into a pictbridge compatible printer.  The print button on the front panel will send the print command, or in the absence of a printer, a bmp image file of the screen to a USB flash drive.  You can read in detail about all of this in the user guide for the DS4000 series on the web site:

Thanks for the info.
But my question regards more sampled data storage [rather than screen bitmaps]

I'm sorry I didn't state it clearly. Waveform data files (i.e. CSV) are included in the file types that can be saved on external USB flash drives, along with image and setup files. I own a DS4012 and have done this with no problems. :)  The user guide has the specifics.  Also, poster marmad has a slick custom program that gives access to the scope memory (through USB or TCP/IP) in more sophisticated ways.  See "Software & Tips for Rigol DS2072 (DS02000 - DS4000 - DS6000 Ultravision DSOs).

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