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Hi. I have an insulin pump ( accuchek spirit combo) that comes with a blood glucose meter that is also a calculator (& remote control) for the pump. Normally, you test your blood in the meter with a test strip and the result (a number: X) is then used to calculate how much insulin u need to inject (a number : A) to lower your blood glucose content to a specifc target number (Y). You then go into another menu choice to enter the grams of carbs u want to eat (Z). This calculates the amount of insulin u need (B) to "digest" the carbs. A is added to B and to give the total insulin u need to inject AB.

I want to override the blood meter function so that I can input my blood glucose result (X) manually. I would like to get into the software of the meter, and create a new menu item with up and down arrows so I can enter the blood glucose result (I could copy the code for the menu item with up down arrows for inputting the carbs). This would calculate (A).

All the algorithms are entered into the pump manually by the nurse via her software, but there' no option for inputting a blood glucose number that is not generated by the blood sensor.

The reason is that I have an electronic patch that continually reads my blood results. I don't have to prick my fingers anymore but my Abbott patch can't commmunicate with my accu chek meter. 😕

The name of the meter is the accu chek aviva combo.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas about how I can acheive this.  :) :)

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