Author Topic: Activate options for TDS5xx,6xx,7xx C/D, using floppy!!  (Read 230 times)

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Activate options for TDS5xx,6xx,7xx C/D, using floppy!!
« on: August 28, 2019, 10:32:24 am »
Many posts have talked using GPIB to activate the options for Tektronix TDS500/600/700 scopes. But playing with GPIB is not very easy (the right card, driver, old computer, settings, and cost) for me.
Recently, during using the 'TDS500/600/700 NVRAM floppy backup and restore tool' to backup the NVRAM for my TDS540C, I found a way to activate the options by using this tool to write the revised backup to NVRAM through floppy. Quite easy! So, post it here, hope can help the TDS owners who is interest in this.

Note: The 'TDS500/600/700 NVRAM floppy backup and restore tool' is developed by flyte, posted at ''. Thanks flyte for developed this great tool!

How to activate the option by floppy:

When the NVRAM was dumped, use a hex editor to open it. Then refer to below table, to change the related bit from 00 to 01, save. Use floppy to write it back, restart the TDS, the option will be enabled.

NVRAM Addr    Addr in Hex Editor  Value  Option on/off  Option
0400081D                0000081D        00   Off       TV Trigger
0400081F                0000081F        01   On       Option 1M
04000821                00000821         00   Off       N/A
04000823               00000823        01   On           Option 13
04000825                00000825        01   On           Option 1F
04000827                00000827        01   On           Option 2F
04000829                00000829        00   Off           N/A
0400082B                0000082B        01   On           Option 2C
0400082D                0000082D        00   Off           Option 3C
0400082F                0000082F        00   Off           Option 4C
04000831                00000831        00   Off           Option 2M

Please note, some option need hardware to be installed (TV trig, 13, 3C, 4C, 2M). Option will not appear if you not install them.

Much more easy than GPIB process, right?  Have fun!
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