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Advantest R4131 Help please
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:29:07 am »
I have an old Advantest R4131 which is being tidied up, replacement of tarnished sockets and now I have resolved that switches issue (bit of a labour of love) it has, with things are going well but, yes but, one problem remains on the board behind that switch panel are two bussed networked resistors (R2 + R3) these have been fitted by six individual resistors of 20% @ 100K and do not fit in with the rest of it!

Could a person tell me please what their listed value is meant to be, I have downloaded a Operating/Service manual which has some information that shows a typical switch/diode layout which is the actual switch panel but not this one which has 14 logic IC's fitted and lives just behind.

Did write a nice email to Advantest but no joy in fact it gave me the feeling of writing an apology letter to my family a bit of hair and...................!

Also if anyone can point me to any other circuit extracts that would be great like its monitor section.

Thank you for any help from David :-+

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