Author Topic: Advice about good multimeters/LCR meters (please, don't shoot on me!)  (Read 9991 times)

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Re: Advice about good multimeters/LCR meters (please, don't shoot on me!)
« Reply #25 on: January 28, 2015, 11:20:52 pm »
I am not sure how useful or accurate 220MHz would be with the UT61E. I don't know if anyone has ever tested it. IMHO 10MHz is more than enough and the other benefits of the UT139C over ride the benefits of the UT61E, except for the PC connection. If you need that, ten your decision is done.
I'd say done either way; if a PC connection is an absolute necessity, then a UT61E it is, otherwise the UT139C (much better meter overall between the two).  ;)

Heck, even if data logging is needed, I'd opt for that in a separate meter, such as the BM257s, as you'd be able to log mains measurements with it, making the logging feature more versatile/useful than the UT61E (wouldn't trust it anywhere near mains myself).

Caius, don't forget you can split features across multiple meters. Opens up a lot more options this way, and can be more cost effective in the end (i.e. want more than one meter anyway for simultaneous measurements). And like Lightages, I wouldn't get too caught up on the counter in the UT61E.

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