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ADXL345 spike value


I would like to ask why in the sensed data that I have, it has a spike value. For example:
(x y z)
(0.027 0.988 -0.113)
(0.035 0.988 -0.125)
(-2 0 -1.004)
(0.035 0.984 -0.125)
(0.035 0.984 -0.125)
For your information, i'm using accelerometer ADXL345 sensor. Why it can be happened? |O

Do you have a scope? If so, check that the power supply and the i2c lines are nice and clean. I have also found these chips quite sensitive to inadequate decoupling. Make sure there is at least a few uF of ceramic capacitance as close as possible to the supply pins. On my 9dof stick from sparkfun, adding a 10uf ceramic in parallel with the existing .1uF dropped the noise floor to 1/4 of it's previous value.

I am assuming the code you are using is not at fault, but make sure to try some example code from the web if you are not doing so already.

Good luck!


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