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AE20204 High Precision LC Meter Kit

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Does anyone has any more info on this kit ? seems pretty decent to me ... too good to be true actually :)

The board is actually quite small and simple, looks like cheap carbon resistors everywhere, probably some Arduino-like AVR. Only 5 ranges and I guess you can't change the frequency, the mcu picks what's best for the range. I bet there are more projects like this but with accessible source.

When you pick all the options and include shipping it gets close to $100.

I think I will not be very interested by the box and power supply ... i have enough around my bench .

I did found a bunch of these projects around the web. What made me look was the claimed accuracy <0.5% !!!!
Or I am reading that one wrong :)

On the other side for home use an UT612 @ around 150-160 does not seems to be a bad deal.


The AADE meter is great, but take note that it is not intended for caps beyond around a microfarad or so.


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