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Agilent 1152A Active Probe Auto Probe Interface Mod Board


I have bought some used 1152A probes but As pointed out this forum, These old probes are not really supported well by new Oscilloscope with not fully featured Auto probe interface. As This probe need 4V and Few oscilloscope can not supply 4V as they have fix 5V out. 1152A also does not have probe ID EEPROM

So As suggested by forum members i have made a little Mod board on flex PCB with EEPROM and 4V regulator with High PSSR and low noise.
Mod is complete reversible no damage to the board. Not cutting PCB trace or anything like that.

1152A is 2.5Ghz probe. EEPROM are programmed with 1158A EEPROM Dump which 4GHz probe.
Oscilloscope detect probe as 4Ghz 1158 probe with 1158 EEPROM .
I would really love to get it detected as 1157A because it is also a 2.5Ghz Probe.
Modifying Hex dump for mode change is quite easy Checksum is on 0x02 Offset.

I am little worried that there are two more parameter that oscilloscope read form EEPROM. I Could not understand how to modify them or they even need any modification. I have with me 1156A, multiple 1158A, 1169A  hex dump. But i do not have any 1157A EEPROM.

I am looking for if some on the forum who has 1157A probe read EEPROM content and help with hex dump of 1157A EEPROM.
EEPROM can be read with a raspberry pi or any other eeprom programmer without opening the probe.

I can possibly pay with sample of my board to the generous member who could help with EEPROM 

Board I made are open source, PCB source and gerbers are feely available  and you can read more about it on my blog.

Can some one please help with 1157A EEPROM Dump?

I'll check and see what eeproms I can find.


--- Quote from: TheSteve on May 29, 2023, 12:09:54 am ---I'll check and see what eeproms I can find.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Highly apricate your time.

Hmmm, it has been a lot of years but give this a try.

Thank you for you time. I have not tired it yet. but i believe it will work but i think you have modified 1158A file? because bandwidth field is unchanged. That  is issue I have on my hands bandwidth can be changed but there are two more float fields Oscilloscope read from EEPROM. Those two fields I do not understand.
I am really looking for 1157A EEPROM Dump to see if those two fields also changes.

Check image attached.


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