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Agilent 34401A Jitter.

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One of my dad's friend is about to sell his Agilent (HP) 34001A 6.5 Digit Benchtop DMM, he heard about me and offered me to have a look just incase i wanted to buy it before he can toss it out. So i had a look.

Looks pretty decent, though it might have seen better days. One peculiar issue that i noticed with it is a bit strange seeming, however i thought i will ask if anyone on the forum can guide me, as i have not used Benchtop DMMs much.

The problem starts in the mV range of the meter. Upon switching the meter to mV range, the digits AFTER the decimal point start fluttering between between 0.3589 ~ 0.3791 and something like that. I do not mean that this is the exact number it flutters between, but it is usually 0.3xxxx. Please note, i did not connect any probes to the meter, since my dad's colleague needed some time to dig them out from his stuff.

Didnt seem normal to me, so i thought i would ask if any one knows what the problem is, and if it can be rectified without much hassle, or sending to HP / Agilent.


M. AndrĂ¡s:
if you short the inputs and goes to zero then its fine btw it has a selftest routine :) dig up the manual for from the agilent website

Thanks Andras.

Yes i have downloaded the manual and just reading the Self-Test procedure details, however i did not have the manual back when i was playing with the meter.

I did short out the Ohms and LO jacks in the resistance mode with a short wire, and it showed close to 0.000x, so i am guessing the Ohms range is OK, however i did not check that in the mV range - nice point ! Will do tomorrow.

Thanks once again.

on millivolt range it is normal for that machine to show a few hundred millivolt of nothing is connected.

Thanks Free_Electron.

However, i was of the view that, being a high resolution precission DMM, it should not do such a thing, that puts a buyer off the track.

Is there any mention in the manuals , perhaps in User manula or Service manual ?

I have downloaded both and trying to go through them, however quite a few pages worth, so just inquisitive if any of the forum readers have faced such an issue OR can verify this with their own DMMs, OR if any one knows such a thing mentioned / referenced in the manuals.

Will be a BIG help.

Thank you once again for your reply. :)



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