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Agilent 34970A errors and battery replacement

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The problem is the unit gave error codes 742-746 and 749. The multimeter module was then put in another machine where it did not give these errors. It was then replaced into the original machine where it now does not give these errors.

I have tested the battery as shown in the Agilent service document 34970-90012 which reads 2.59v which is below the 2.7v at which the document says to replace it. Could this have been the cause of the errors ?

Could someone please tell me a suitable battery to use to replace it with and what sort of solder to use. I have some 63/37 lead solder is that ok ? Any tips on the procedure to remove the old battery ?

Do I need to run any procedures to undo original errors ?

many thanks

Outch ....

This indicates that you have lost all the calibration data

Pg. 318


Thanks for replying. I had found those two docs.

It no longer shows these errors and a self test PASSes.

Someone in the first link mentions a METCAL  automated adjustment procedure for this. Does anyone have something like this or some instructions for a newbie to follow.

The METCAL was mentioned in the first link i posted.

And that forum belongs to

--- Quote ---This is a site dedicated to the Air Force 2P0X1 - Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL)
--- End quote ---

The cost of the equipment to (correctly) calibrate a 6½ digit meter , would probably pay for lot's of 34970A's

Ohh ...
Did you change the battery ?

I wouldn't expect it to just disappear , unless you invoked some kind of calibration procedure.
And that would be a short joy , if you have a worn battery.


I haven't changed the battery yet.

No errors are showing.

Please could any one who has some experience with this piece of equipment or similar offer advice.


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