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Agilent 54845A Failing all trigger self tests

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A while back I bought a 54845A on an auction, and this scope had one bad channel, due to a faulty ADC-Hybrid.
So I bought a used one, and installed it in the scope, and the bad channel is now O.K.

However the scope fails all the Trigger self tests.
I recovered the scope software to (V4.30) which appeared to have fixed the problem, but when I then upgraded to V4.50, the problem reappeared.
So I did another recovery to V4.30, and this time it did not fix the issue. A subsequent upgrade to V4.50 did not change anything.
Can Anybody give me any clues as what the problem is.
I have attached a PDF which shows thState Trigger, Pattern Trigger, Logic Trigger and Trigger level errors


Hello TRN,

I don't know if this is your case (and I never had this scope) but I remember that there is a nice video from the Signal Path concerning the repair of a 54845A:

Basically he find that poor contact between hybrids and the custom socket was causing intermittent faults.

Hope that helps you.


I think you have a software configuration problem - The 54845A shouldn't see those tests in the self test menu - You should only see "Knob and Key", "LED" & "Scope Self Tests" in that menu.

Try completely reinstalling the initial image - Did you get it from my OneDrive?



Thanks for your input, and the link for the video, and i have already seen this one, and have cleaned the hybrid contacts.
This did however not solve the issue.


Thanks for your input, and if I do not mark the service extension box, I get the standard test menu which you mentioned.
However when I do mark the box, I can test all the subsystems separately.  I have attached a screenshot of the successful standard self test after the first recovery of the v4.30 software.
I downloaded the v4.30 recovery and v4.50 upgrade software from the Keysight ftp, so I assume it should be O.K.

Nevertheless I will download your version, from your onedrive, and will do a complete reinstall.
I will let you know how it goes.



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