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Agilent 6811B - instead of 700$ sallary , please help me

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So I had to do some job at the storage room and I stumbled upon Agilent 6811B , last calibrated at 2005 .

the device is missing the input AC cover and one knob , but apart of that he is in good shape and in working condition ,

I think I saw one on Ebay for like 4.5K$ - Hence I am asking , Assuming the Boss will confirm me , Is there Any known risk  ?

Sure I can make A use of that beast , But I suspect I am going to calibrate it and add the missing knob etc .. and then resell the thing on Ebay

What would you do ?

thank you :)

Considering how they're going on ebay, I think that might actually not be too bad.  The defects will limit how much you can get for it.  Have you tested it thoroughly?

When checking prices on Ebay always check 'sold listings' (maybe after checking 'completed listings') then you'll see for what prices people actually buy something. Many Ebay sellers ask grazy prices. Expect to get between $500 to $1500 for 'yours'.


thank you

Nope mine is pretty good shape . the missing knob is no problem as we have spare parts , the functionality is perfect ,

Anyhow - 500$ is too low for someone whos willing to pay some cash ( 30+ Kilo to ship )

Besides that , I can Always keep it , it's nice gear , you can caricaturize many AC related stuff , and iF I am going to sell the thing , say within 4 years I'll have the need for that beast , it's damm expensive

Keep the money
You are in Israel and the shipping will cost too much.


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