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Yep, I'm tooting my own horn :) I don't get to very often, and almost never as an electrician, so when I found out some of the field testing I had done for Agilent was being used in a case study, and that it mentions me and my company by name, I was shocked!

Anyway, I owe a lot to Dave and this forum for educating me to a lot of things about test gear that I wouldn't have know otherwise and I wanted to send out a shout of thanks to Dave and everyone here and share the case study for anyone who's interested. It deals with their U1177A Bluetooth module and how I used it on a troubleshooting call.

Agilent need to show you some hardware love I think  ;)


Hei, congrats and nice story. How long does the U1177A batteries last in practice (and at which logging rate) - I've been thinking of getting this myself to monitor AC line voltage, which dips a lot in my lab...

In my work, I haven't left the datalogging on long enough to kill the batteries - usually an hour or two at the most gives me what I need. The most common way I kill the batteries is by not noticing that the module turned back on when I put the meters back in the case... I keep lots of spare AAAs on my truck now ;)


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