Author Topic: Need help hacking DP832 for multicolour option.  (Read 44913 times)

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Re: Need help hacking DP832 for multicolour option.
« Reply #325 on: September 05, 2019, 10:40:34 am »
Calibration should remain the same.

Rigol DP800 Changelog:
-Update of this version-

v00.   2019-1-31
     - Add the support for USB-GPIB
     - Fixed the bug of command "*OPT?"
     - Fixed the bug of cursor settings(Before:set the current firstly, then change the voltage , the cursor is always on the highest digit.)
     - Replacement of LAN Interface Library to solve the problem of network instability.

-Historical Versions and Updates-

v00.   2017-05-25
     - Private version,not public

v00.   2015-03-10

     - Modify the bug of OVP&OCP
     - Add new models
     - Update help Information

v00.   2014-11-18

     - Modify the bug of UI display
     - Replacement of USB Device Library to solve the problem of unstable USB Device communication
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Re: Need help hacking DP832 for multicolour option.
« Reply #326 on: September 05, 2019, 02:17:49 pm »
I downloaded the new firmware but the instructions are garbled...

1. Copy .gel file to the root of USB flash
2. Insert USB flash into DP800 (make sure the USB flash can be recognized by DP800). Power on DP800, press and hold HELP button until the update started.
3. Move USB flash after update is finished, then press these button in turn: HELP¡úHELP£¬¡úM4¡úM2¡úM1 (update analog board 1), ¡úM4¡úM2¡úM2 (update analog board 2)
4. Reboot DP800 after all the update finished and check the new version (Utility->system info->M1-M3-M2)

Can anyone help to decipher what line 3 means?

[EDIT] Never mind, I figured it out - ignore all the crap above, here's what worked for me...
1. Copy .gel file to the root of USB flash (I had to have a FAT32 formatted drive and the .gel file was the only file on the drive, you may do better than me)
2. Switch on the DP832(A) and immediately press [Help] button while first 3 ... is displayed, it now says "please insert drive with new firmware"
3. Plug in USB drive and (if it's a good drive) progress bar moves with download and update messages (only took about 30 seconds in total)
4. PSU reboots automatically but now all the menus are in Chinese
5. Press [Utility] > Language (M4) and then select 'English'
6 Check firmware revision by [Utility] > SysInfo and then, while the 3 lines of info are displayed, M1, M3, M2 (the buttons under the display numbered L to R)

The only problem I've found is that the stored settings don't work, it says they are the wrong format. You have to redo all the saved settings files.

That's it
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Re: Need help hacking DP832 for multicolour option.
« Reply #327 on: September 13, 2019, 03:41:22 pm »
To update your Rigol DL3021 to DL3021A, here is the complete procedure, without the need of buying the LAN option...
You need:
-Computer with RS232 port
-USB stick formatted in FAT32 with the file keyfile.bin from Tossu (many thanks for the hack !)
-Cross cabel RS232 female-female (2->3; 3->2; 5->5)
-Free software Termite from Compuphase (

Connect everything together. Start the computer first and launch Termite.
Termite Serial port settings:
-Port COM1 (depend on your computer)
-Baud rate 9600
-Data bits 8
-Stop bits 1
-Parity none
-Flow control none
-Forward none
-Transmitted text Append CR-LF

Turn on the DL3021
To check the connection, you can try to type *IDN? in the Termite command line.
He will return the model of your device.
Type in Termite :PROJ:SET MODEL,DL3021A
That all  :D

Can hack the DC Load DL3021 to DL3031A?  Like the DG811 to DG992?

Does not the DL3021 hack can be done when connected via USB ? like the same way DP832 ?

I just tested with USB. Though the command was successful, I saw OK message, it does not work and my load model remains the same i.e. DL3021.

Perhaps I have to use the serial /RS232 interface.

Just converted my DL3021 to a DL3021A with USB, no problems at all. Send the command and I got a color screen immediately .

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