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Agilent U1242B handheld DMM photos


I didn't find any photos from this meter yet, so here you go! I just picked up this puppy with IR/Bluetooth interface ::)

Why one fuse on top, one on bottom?  ???

No room to fit them on one side. One is for the 10A range and the other is for the other current ranges.

There are pads for it on the other side... if you got rid of the resistor there, it looks like it would fit. But maybe the batteries go there...

I got this with the free IR Bluetooth module but you have to buy a silly plastic bracket for £8.10 which is outrageous for a bit of plastic.

I do like this meter though and bought the bracket as I wanted the data logging on my pc. Just sad that there is only android mobile software. My iPad and iPhone are currently sulking.


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