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Agilent U1272A - Data logging - Software installation.

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I had just install the Data logging software package of Agilent ,
and took few screen shots of the process, so to present to you ..

The installer does three basic tasks .

1) Installs the USB driver .
2) Searches your system to find , if you do have installed the Microsoft framework files .
3) Updates windows if needed.
4) Installs the main software , Agilent Data logger .

There is an complete PDF at Agilent web site , and also the software includes an complete Help file.

I hope this thread to be used as troubleshooting guide for the new users, of the Data logger aplication .
Do not worry, I am new too.  :)


The PetrosA , a good friend of my , started to test the application.

(Personally I do not have the DMM yet )
And you can find his first impressions here ..

At this point I like to thanks a new forum member , Mr John @insurgent ..
He owns the U1253A .

He responded to my request about few sample files, of the Agilent data logger software in CSV format.
(So to play with them , by using the Microsoft Excel.)

Well the Agilent GUI data logger , is an very basic application,
that probably will cover most needs.

But there is another possibility for the ones that needs better analysis,
or presentation of the collected data.  
And this can happen by importing the CSV files in to Microsoft Excel .

From there you get the ability to :
1) edit the log  ( delete unwanted log entries ) = making the log sorter.
2) add factors in the current measurements, example : (+1,5% + 2 digits)    
3) Making a 2D or 3D graph, more rich in detail , and totally customizable.
4) Print

The truth is that those tasks , are not so straight forward or easy to do,
if you are very inexperienced, about using spreadsheets .

About getting your way importing those files in Excel,
if you Google about it , there is plenty of info .
And there is specific directions for the version or brand of the software,
that you own as spreadsheet editor.

I own the Microsoft Office 2003 ( Small business edition) ,
and so , any tips that I have to share , are based to this.

I managed to import the data that John send me , in to Excel.
and also made an  successful 2D graph  ( X= Temperature Y= time stamp )

I got only in to problems , when noticed that the log made by the DMM,
had at its temperature value , additional insignificant numbers that caused problems on the Excel.

Example No1  : ( temp in Fahrenheit )

Entry sample No1 : 24.4701    
Entry sample No2 : 24.469

Example No2

37, 5/2/2011 12:27:49 AM, {Cap},24.4701
38, 5/2/2011 12:27:50 AM, {Cap},24.4705
39, 5/2/2011 12:27:50 AM, {Cap},24.469
40, 5/2/2011 12:27:51 AM, {Cap},24.4736
41, 5/2/2011 12:27:51 AM, {Cap},24.4789
42, 5/2/2011 12:27:52 AM, {Cap},24.478

The reason of the problem that I got to ,
looks to be of how accurately the insignificant digits recorded by the device as hardware.  
All the digits colored as red, they must be manually removed ,
so the Excel spreadsheet to be able to function properly , and create the graphs too.

The same data at the Agilent GUI data logger works normal as is .
(probably because the software are tweaked to ignore them )  

I will come back with more about it , as soon I receive my own U1272A and examine the logs that produces.

The current sample Log of the U1253A,  it looks to me,  that is not an errors-free one.  


--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on May 02, 2011, 09:26:44 pm ---The current sample Log of the U1253A,  it looks to me,  that is not an errors-free one.  

--- End quote ---

I love making mistakes , because it concludes that I am active ..  ;)  

Well I was correct all along about the problem that I had faced,
and is an problem , that millions of computers gets troubled from it.
Especially the ones with International regional settings .

The problem are at the setting of the Thousands separator ,
that if is not correctly set  (compatible with the West standards )
and causes an serious problem,  about formatting properly the numbers.

Some information about the existence of the problem, came to me from another Greek,
in Greece  (His name Michalis, lover of the adventure too )  ;)

And by searching more, found the proper setting in Excel ,
that I had to tweak so everything to work as expected.

Guess what ..  it called international tab  ( No shit )  :D

If you face an similar problem set the fields as pictured .

Now everything works , and I can make nicely made graphs ..  (last photo)

With out the Data logging , I had no reason making graphs,
and so i am two times happy , as I found another one reason , that justify s the price about getting the software,
because now it is in good use.    :)

Click on, for larger image.

My unofficial mini F.A.Q.  Part 1   :)

Subjects  :
1) Software crash or not working.
2) COM Port  details

On the Help file of the software ,
that is the same with the pdf document
U1251-90023.pdf  =  Data logger Quick Start Guide

Agilent did their part, by writing several NOTES
On the chapter :  Set Up a Communication With the Multimeter

Note 1 :
a) The U1173A IR-USB cable functions as a serial RS-232 port that connects the multimeter to the USB port of your PC.
b) The RS232 port is not meant for hot plugging or hot swapping.
c) Disconnecting the U1173A IR-USB cable when it is in use will crash the Agilent GUI Data Logger.

As additional info to this note, I will add  :  

a) Disable any power saving modes on your laptop ,
exactly like your DMM does automatically ,
every time that you activate the data logging function.
b) The Windows power saving modes, can also control the RS232 COM port status ( power On and OFF ),
This would lead to trouble, as the software fails when this communication fails too.
( And it is equal to hot plugging or hot swapping ,  as Agilent correctly noted about the RS232 port  )  


Steps to follow for Out door Data logging :  
1)   Fresh booted laptop
2)   Plug in the USB slot , the  IR-USB cable ( as soon the laptop settles from booting )
3)   Wait 10 seconds ( So the laptop to recognise the device )
4)   Start the software Data logger .
5)   Do your job
6)   Close the software .
7)   Remove the  IR-USB cable  ( un plug  it)
8 )   Select on your laptop  -> System shutdown - > Power off .  
9)   Go to the step one , if you need another use of it , in a later time.      

Note 2 :
For U1271A and U1272A models, only baud rates of 9600 and 19200 bits/second are available.

And this Translates to:

Model Number="U1251A" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1251B" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1252A" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1252B" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1253B" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1253A" Baud Rate="9600 or 14400 or 19200 "
Model Number="U1271A" Baud Rate="9600 or 19200"
Model Number="U1272A" Baud Rate="9600 or 19200"

The 19200 Baud Rate, adds Extra bandwidth = faster download time of the stored logs  (DMM to PC ).
The 9600 Baud  Rate are more than enough, for real-time logging.

I bet, that the function on the software named as Auto discovery of the DMM .
It will do what it says, and so, no user interaction or extra manual settings needed.  

The  U1271A /  U1272A has two fixed Baud Rates  "9600 or 19200" ,
And so it’s hard to go wrong with it, when setting it up even manually.

What is still untested by me , are if the software are capable ,
To auto-detected the  U1271A / U1272A, no mater what Baud Rate, was set manually in the DMM .
For example : If  I have manually set on the DMM menu 19200 Baud Rate instead of 9600.
Will be automatically detected?  
( If not , I would had to set manually on the software too,
the same setting as 19200 Baud Rate  & and COM port number ? )
Tip 1 : You can find the COM port number of the  IR-USB cable,
In your Windows -> Device Manager -> Ports  ( COM & LPT) .

Tip 2: If you set manually higher Baud Rate settings in the Data logger software,
 than what your DMM supports, It will lead to No communication with your DMM.

If you like to help this thread,
you need to test and submit the workable Baud Rates of the models listed at the end of this post .

Example : Model U1272A
4800 = No
7200 = No
9600 = Yes
14400 = No
19200 = Yes  

Models to be tested:


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