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agilent U8002A output banana plug

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Where can i find some 4mm banana plug fitting the output of this power supply?



ok, but some of that don't fit the output: the problem is i need something shorter than that plugs.... i already have some banana plug like that, but don't actually  fit the psu: it's more than 2 mm out....

Maybe if there is a 4mm banana plug 2 mm length it may suit the socket...

Sure the issue is with the plugs? The binding posts on the U8002A pretty much look like "standard" chinese rubbish binding posts. Those often tend to be not deep enough for whatever reason (saving a few pennies in materials?).

A normal banana plug has a 20 mm long pin. So measure your plugs pin length and the depth of the binding posts. This will tell you which one is rubbish.

In general, if it is just 2 mm I would live with the plugs sticking out.

I measured the plug: as you said it's 20mm long. The biding posts are less than 15 mm deep, same as a breadboard like this:

where can I find some cables/adapter fitting that biding posts is still a mystery....


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