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Does anyone have some screenshots of frequency spectrum when generating sine wave signal using Aim-TTI TG2000 Signal generator.
I have some photos (aka screenshots) of the spectrum calculated using Keysight MSO-2000 series scope and FFT function on it.
BNC cable (scope input) is terminated with 50 Ohm.

For instance, attached screenshots show spectrum when generating 1 MHz, 20 dBm signal.
There is a variation of spurious emission with amplitude and frequency, so this is almost the worst case. It gets slightly worse when the generated signal frequency is higher (ie. 10 MHz), but not too much.
It doesn't get better than - 55 dB in any case.
The worst-case would be a signal of 20 MHz and 24dBm amplitude into 50 Ohm terminated line and then the amplitude difference between 1st harmonic and spurious harmonics gets about -40 dB.
I didn't see spectrum of other signal generators. I've expected little bit cleaner spectrum, although this seems ok.

What bothers me is the fact that spurious emission is higher in amplitude then higher harmonics (2nd and 3rd) of a generated signal.
Firstly, I suspected in power supply, but TG2000 has a linear regulated supply.

Is something faulty with this device or is it just a design of the device and that's it?

Any opinion could help.
Thank you.

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Anyone, please!

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