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--- Quote from: nctnico on January 27, 2022, 02:12:57 pm ---You are wrong. As I wrote: list price for a fully optioned (all options including logic probes) RTM3004 has always been in the 18k (ex. VAT) ballpark. AFAIK the 8k offer didn't include all options (IIRC only common decoding, function generator, spectrum analysis and FRA)  and no logic probes.

--- End quote ---

Ehh, I m not R&S salesman. I don't have detailed price record.. If you insist...

So last year until summer it was 10000€ with tax. ... It seems that it went south after that...

My mistake is that I remembered price without VAT...

6 months ago a fully loaded/optioned (with logic probes) 1GHz RTA4004 was about 10.5k EUR + VAT (converted from GBP price), which is a hell of a lot lower than the silly money "list" price. The 3k and 2k models had large discounts at the time too, though not quite as dramatic as that.

Though I really like my RTB2004 I wouldn't buy one without a decent discount - though they've never been as cheap as the release promo price (which is what I paid), they have had periodic offers that massively reduce the cost for a well-optioned model.

I have not used the Siglent or Rigol suggested alternatives, you do have the advantage though that if you buy a hackable one (and are not buying for work use where this might not fly) then you can get the lowest cost version and install all the software options to upgrade it. AFAIK this is not possible with the R&S because there are less people working on it, and most of the ones people have are probably fully loaded already.

Edit: RTA4K-COM4 is 10k EUR at batronix still:


--- Quote ---Though I really like my RTB2004 I wouldn't buy one without a decent discount
--- End quote ---

Agree... When available as RTxnk-COMx packages (which seems to be often but now always the case) the prices are so much more attractive than 'regular' list price. Not sure whether these COM prices fluctuate a lot too over time...

Also, if you qualify, the R&S educational discounts can be, what shall I say ... attractive. Very attractive. And some retailers combine these with the 'regular' discounts. 


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