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Amazing Deal! Black Friday! 1013D oscilloscope only 54,74€ Hurry Up! :)

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Black Friday amazing discount!   :palm:


The 998 peices available seems to indidcate .. somone.. bought one. 

If only Aliexpress would add a Price+Shipping filter like Ebay does to filter these out.

It does not really mattrer, as both eBay and Ali sellers game the system by including a super cheap unrelated item in the listing, which makes the price range to be like $1-$200. And sorting happens by the first number.

Yeah, you buy on Aliexpress items that ship from Poland to Portugal.

- Don't buy from that store their rating is too low
- As mentioned, you ship from or to the wrong country, shipping cost will be very high to discourage purchasing. Some countries are also forced as DHL as regular mail tends to get "lost" often.


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