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I made several videos reviewing the Amprobe AM-140-A DMM, including the data logging software.


Great job. Thorough review, done in a pleasant speech delivery. Hope you'll do more of them soon.


Thanks for the kind words, this is my first video review and I do hope to do more in the future.


I think you are off to a very good start. Everybody has their own preferences for pace and level of information for different features so I cannot see anything that is glaringly obvious that I would do differently. As a video producer I would like to make one constructive criticism if I may.

For the most part your handling of the camera and editing was well done without any jarring cuts. You camera was steady and you spent the time to make sure things were not shaking around and very clear. Two things were holding it back from being a bit better. First, the lighting would have been better if you could have provided a few more light sources at another angle so as to fill in some of the very dark shadows. Secondly, it is better to put your camera on full manual exposure so that the exposure doesn't try to follow the average scene exposure when you are moving things around. A few times when you were handling the meter you inadvertently reflected light from your lamp into the camera and it adjusted the exposure so that things went quite dark.

Other than my obsessive nature about lighting (and sound with which you had no problems) I thoroughly enjoyed the review and felt that I would have no surprises if I were to buy that multimeter. It was all demonstrated in a clear and easy to follow manner.

Thank you for spending the time to share your experiences.


Thanks for the input and I am in agreement with your suggestions.  I forgot I had auto iris turned on and I will try and setup better lighting.



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