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analog scope - instek gos-620, advice needed

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Hi! First of all, as my first post here, I would like to introduce myself to the community.
My name is Izidor and I am 21 yo EE-to be, I had great passion towards science from young age, and last year or so I started my hobby- making/repairing guitar effects pedals, and audio amps... well basically audio electronics in general.

And I think it is time to finally get some kind of analog scope. On local auction website I came across GW INSTEK GOS-620 scope.

Bandwidth is really not an issue, for audio electronics, I am concerned on overall reliability and precision to money ratio.

It is priced for about 350$, several months old, + 1x1 and 1x10 probes included, but nevermind the price, in Croatia things like that tend to cost a bit more

so TL;DR : have you had any experiences and what do you think about this particular scope in general, is it worth a shot?

That is waaay overpriced, but that's how it is in Croatia...  :P
I had exact that model few years ago and I sell it in 2009 for ~150$ + postage. In mint condition, with maybe 50 work hours.
Instead I bought Rigol DS1102E and that's miles above that analog Instek.

I would NOT recommend you that scope, maybe if you can find one for less than half that price (not gonna happen here...  :()

Welcome to the forum btw  ;)

Well, you didn't really give me any reasons why I shouldn't get it, except that rigol is better.

For my needs, that is audio electronics, I think that rigol you mentioned is a bit overkill, and beside their great performance (and god awful looks  :palm:) they just ain't got the groove like old green dot on the screen O0 (also I would rather have analog scope to be something I can learn on, don't wanna get spoiled by something too fancy for my first scope)

Anyway, thanks for the replay, thats why I came here in the first place I have really no experience with scopes beside the ones in my highschool and college labs

Another thing, I was convinced that analog scopes are in general better for audio electronics, am I mistaken? Also, more thoughts on GOS-620 please, I have to decide until this weekend whether buy it or not

Oh, this scope is too obsolete. It's like 1975's technology... It has no readouts, cursors or automatic measurements... In 2013, there is no reason to buy a 20MHz analog scope, unless you get it very cheap...
If you really want an analog scope, buy at least a more modern one...

Well, analog scope is like old CRT TV. Why not to use it if you own an old one and it still works, but I would never buy it today.

I have used the 620 model enough at a friend's. Its not that great for waveform geometry. Skews enough especially beyond 2 divisions. Knobs are not too good either. Being into audio stuff myself too I would recommend you to aim at 100MHZ not 20MHZ. There will be riding oscillation bursts even in audio stuff that you can miss at 20MHZ.


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