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Aneng SZ20 25,000 count, 1uV, 10nA, 20A

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New Aneng meter SZ20 Just over £50 on ebay in the UK. Or £33 on Aliexpress.
Origin: Mainland China
Model Number: Digital Multimeter
Display Type: Digital display
Power supply: 2xAA battery (not included)
Size: about 18x9x5cm/7.09x3.54x1.97in
Material: ABS/silicone
Please note that the battery is not included in the shipment.
 Function           Range                   Resolution               Accuracy
DC voltage      0mV-1000V         0.001mV to 0.1V       ± (0.2%+10)
AC voltage      0mV-750V            0.001mV to 0.1V      ± (0.3%+3)
DC current       0uA-20A              0.01uA-0.001A         ± (0.5%+3)
AC current       0uA-20A               0.01uA-0.001A        ± (0.8%+3)
Duty ratio        1%~99%                0.1%                   ± (0.1%+2)
Resistance       0Ω - 250MΩ            0.01Ω - 0.1MΩ        ± (5%+5)
Capacitance    0nF-99.99mF         0.001nF to 0.01mF    ± (5%+20)
Frequency      0Hz to 10MHz        0.01Hz-0.001MHz       ± (0.1%+2)
Temperature℃  - 20~1000°C           1 ℃                     ± (3%+5)
Temperature°F  - 4~1832°F             1°F                      ± (3%+5)
Flashlight                     Diode
Data retention period   Turn on and off beep
Screen backlight           NCV detection
Low battery reminder    Silicone sheath
Automatic shutdown     Back support
Maximum count 25000

Just to draw attention to a new 1uV multimeter.
1uV DC resolution is very valuable for low burden current checking with a shunt resistor and also finding shorts on a ground plane.
The extra resolution is helpful, though not matched by the claimed accuracy.

If only Aneng could actually design for proper safety like Fluke. I cannot cost that much more surely?

Obvious comparison is Aneng AN8008 10,000 count 1uV meter for about £20.

I think I'll get one for the wrought iron screen and thunder monitoring feature.


--- Quote from: DX1 on March 25, 2023, 06:44:13 pm ---New Aneng meter SZ20 Just over £50 in the UK.

--- End quote ---

Much cheaper on Aliexpress (33 Euros).

--- Quote from: DX1 on March 25, 2023, 06:44:13 pm ---If only Aneng could actually design for proper safety like Fluke. I cannot cost that much more surely?

--- End quote ---

It has fire proof fuses.

I think it's got 5x20mm, haven't seen any PC board pics. 25,000 count is nice hopefully real counts and not some clever filtering to get more from a lower resolution ADC.
We still don't really know who the chip supplier is. Dreamtech just does application specific F/W I believe for Hycon?

Getting µV resolution is no more that expensive and the chips set seems to support this.
Better protection can actually add costs - this starts with the fuses, that in QTY 1 may cost $5-10 and the usual meter needs 2 of these.
The other point is additional space needed in the case and also for the switch. It can be tricky to combine good protection for a CAT 3 rating with some functions. The protection part may add some noise / drift.  High sensitivity and good protection combined is an additional challange.

It would still be nice to get a meter with good protection at a competative price, but that would be more like a different meter.
For many meters it would help a lot to have an honest CAT rating - which costs about nothing. Another point would be to add 1 spare fuse for the low current range - so one could directly see what type.

The moden chip sets tend to use sigma delta ADCs. So it is a kind of clever filtering to get the resolution. If done right there is nothing wrong with this. 25000 counts is not really challenging to get the linearity right.


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