Author Topic: Rigol DS2072A long memory samples download to PC  (Read 1834 times)

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Rigol DS2072A long memory samples download to PC
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:34:03 am »
Hi gents,
before buying this Rigol, I was looking for the way to save to a PC file an acquisition made of the full 14M samples. Probably who owns it knows it!

Which is the right software?
Which is the file format? (I assume wfm... am I right?)
How long it will take using USB and LAN?
How long it will take by using Ni-Visa APIs?

As reference, my current Owon SDS7102:
- uses its crap remote control software
- transfers 10M x 2 samples in ~3s by USB (excellent!)
- freezes by using LAN, and it takes ~10s to transfer 1M x 2  :(
- USB drivers not tested but they are documented and they should work... at least their software made them work great
- SCPI seems not to be implemented, at least it doesn't reply to any command except the SCPI enable

Thanks for any feedback!


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Re: Rigol DS2072A long memory samples download to PC
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2015, 11:40:13 am »
You can try this:

It was designed for work with DS1000z scopes but should theoretically work with with DS2072 too. If not - notify the author.

The program is able to download
* visible part (usually 1000+points) (normal)
* all live downloadable data (Maximum)
* in STOP mode it can download full memory dump (RAW)

and there is automation built into this programm, it can automatically create CSV file upon every waveform fetch and it can automatically copy this file to clipboard or save to disk in different variants.

Current limmitation is that this program saves data in 0..255 values as from the scope DAC without converting them to real voltage but this should come added in nearest versions.


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