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Another Chinese LCR meter?

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Any idea of the quality or even who makes them? No name on the unit is telling though ;)

over to frankie

Funny you mentioned this. I was just doing some searching and found this company yesterday. I believe this is the manufacturer's website:

They seem to make some nice (looking) instruments.

Judging from the fact that it's 1kHz, I think this is the AT824 model. I don't understand why the seller has erased the maker's mark and model number on the picture though.

Now we need somebody to do a teardown!

In the process of fiddling with measuring impedance of batteries for something I am working on, it occurred to me that I already have an ESR meter. It's called SM8124 Battery impedance Meter.  It's just a 1Khz impedance meter, that works just fine with caps. And the 20Ohm limit is perfectly fine for  most caps we care of ESR for. So that plus a DMM that measures capacitance, and I am almost there. Sure I don't get all the other measurements an LCR meter would give me, but it also is dirt cheap ($50) and all-over ebay.  http://xn--tnq722av6lsjo.xn--fiqs8s/Digital-Multimeter/SM8124.htm


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