Author Topic: Another happy Rigol DS2072A --> DS2302A Upgrader!  (Read 1021 times)

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Another happy Rigol DS2072A --> DS2302A Upgrader!
« on: December 26, 2018, 01:41:14 pm »
Thanks to all who made the upgrade possible :)

I used this howto: with a mixture of :-
1) Windows 10 Enterprise 90 day eval.
2) FreeBSD
3) Linux

Everything could be done with either Linux (fastest) or Windows 10 90 day eval (slowest).
I started with Rigol factory FW: 00.03.00.SP1 but had to upgrade to FW: 00.03.05 when it came time for the Rigol to read the new Option code from a USB key, otherwise the USB key was ignored.

All in all a pretty smooth process, and having all my options back is nice, plus 300MHz and 1nS/div doesn't hurt either.

The howto had a interesting Rigol memory dump Ethernet method  "echo “:SYST:UTIL:READ? 1,33554432” | nc -w1 <DS2072A-IP-Address> 5555 | dd bs=1 of=ds2072a.bin"

This gave me the idea to make a shell script to download screen-pics from the Rigol into the present working directory, which saves a lot of time when I'm doing documentation. No special software is required apart from ImageMagick (convert), and a picture viewer ( I use feh) both are very common on Linux boxes and Open Source anyway.
It uses the ubiquitous "sh", common to every UniX machine, and will warn you if it can't find the IP of your Rigol.

I guess it should work on any Rigol with a Ethernet port.

So here is my Xmas present to all Rigol users ;-) , you'll need to change the IP to suit your scope and your preferred picture viewer:-

# --------------------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------------------- #
# file name:, run it from a xterm.
# usage example "./ <picture_name>" produces picture_name.jpg
# Copyright <> 26 Dec 2018. Released under the FreeBSD Licence
# Designed on FreeBSD but should run fine on Linux
# Used with a Rigol DS2072A upgraded to DS2302A. Software:00.03.05, Hardware: 2.0
# Dependencies: ImageMagick (convert), picture viewer (feh)
# Standard base Unix system utilities: sh, ping, nc


# --------------- shouldn't need to change anything below this line ------------------- #

if ping -c1 -W3 $RIGOL_IP  >/dev/null 2>&1
   echo ":DISPLAY:DATA?" | nc -w1 $RIGOL_IP 5555 | dd bs=1 of=$1
   BYTES=$(cat $1 | wc -c)
   dd if=$1 of=$STRIPPED_FILE bs=1 skip=11 count=$Y
   convert $STRIPPED_FILE  $OUT_FILE >/dev/null 2>&1
   rm $1
   echo Rigol bitmap capture, bmp stripping and $OUT_FILE $(cat $OUT_FILE | wc -c) Bytes created.
    echo "Rigol did not respond, is the IP Address correct and Rigol turned on ?" >&2

# --------------------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------------------- #


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