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Another Multimeter - Already Have The Protek 608

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Hi All ,
     I Have The Protek 608 And Love The Beast .Here is The Photo And Some specs you can see  .The Features of this multimeter are

* DC accuracy 0.05%
* Low voltage Ohms measurement and conductance
* Auto and software calibration
* Dual back-lit display and K type thermocouple
* Measures duty cycle, pulse width and conductance
* Compare function for go-no go testing
* Peak detection for capturing high speed signals
* Binary bit expression bargraph
* AC and AC + DC true RMS AC voltage and current measurements
* Auto/manual ranging
* Test zener diodes up to 20 volts
* Min/Max/Avg relative modes
* Memory store and recall
* Fuse protected current ranges
* Cat II 600V and CE approved

The Specs Are Here To Download -> PDF Attached To Thread

                               I already have good analog multimeters and i would like to have 1 more digital multimeter .I do not need a bench type meter i have no space i am looking for a handheld one  .I like the Agilent U1253B And Also the fluke 289 .Can you pour your suggestion .So many of you have good gear here .I also have a few multimeters that i would not like to mention but one of them of particular interest could be this - > .I gave this to my repair tech and they have really !@#!#!# the multimeters appearance ,Though it Works .I somehow can not open this multimeter up at all ,It looks sealed  .

@ All,
     Hi A Fluke 289 or a Agilent u1253b ?

I have an Agilent U1252B (LCD screen instead of OLED), and it's a very nice HH meter. Went with this one over the U1253B due to better battery life, and haven't regretted it at all.

It's less expensive than the Fluke 289 (see the 289 for ~$600 in the US <bare meter> vs. $419 for the U1252B), and also offers more value IMHO, particularly if you find that a Bluetooth adapter is included in that price. The software itself is a free download from Agilent. Worst case and you have to buy an adapter to connect it to a PC, it's far cheaper than the FVF kit Fluke sells.

That said, what sort of accuracy & features are you after?

You are asking a rather opened ended question. What are you looking for? The absolute best regardless of price? Better accuracy? Something with higher safety ratings?

You can't go wrong with a high end Fluke, except for price. You can't go wrong with Agilent, except for price. You can't go wrong with Brymen, except for lack of history and reputation.  You can't go wrong with Gossen, except for the very high price. UEi makes a very nice meter at $240USD. Metrix makes a very high end meter and mjlorton likes his. IMHO, those are the top to look at. All the other brands are of diminishing quality and safety, or are relabeled version of some of the above.

So what are you looking for in a meter?

       I Might be the first one but i am stating a full fledged review lab in my native indian language in india .Some people can check some of my videos -> .I am looking for a meter i could reference to when i am comparing meters .Secondly i am into repairs and my protek 608 has spoiled me i cannot settle for anything less satisfying then that .I also got very impressed with certain CEM meters .

cem website -> 


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