Author Topic: Possible GW Instek GDS-1000B hack  (Read 7337 times)

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Re: Possible GW Instek GDS-1000B hack
« Reply #50 on: December 04, 2018, 01:05:14 am »
Just to give some idea of how extremely useful the SA function is here are some more screen dumps.

The H field probe is a 3-4 mm loop of copper wire wound on mandrels to be a push on fit to the probe tip and then insulated with several layers of heatshrink tubing.

The E field probe is a probe tip insulator with a bit of heatshrink over the probe tip.

So nothing fancy or expensive.  But safe to poke around without having to worry about causing a short.

I placed the probe about 1 cm from  the SMPS transformer of my GDS-2072E.  For the H field I rotated the probe to find the max and min orientations.  The E field was taken in the same location.

It's very easy to detect signals on ribbon cables, etc, though some shielding of the transformer fields would be needed to not have that dominate the spectrum.

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Re: Possible GW Instek GDS-1000B hack
« Reply #51 on: Today at 02:56:31 am »
This will not work on 2000A because the S/N has a different format.
Nooooo! I've just got back to work after four weeks of paternity and found this disappointing news. Is there anything I can do to help fix this? I've cracked the case on the GDS-2074A scope I have and I'm probing for the JTAG/serial interface as we speak....

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