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Anyone have advice on old scope EZ DS-1150?

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Found the manual here I think:

Seems like this is something from around 2001?, a workshop here sells this used for equivalent of $340, but I wonder if this is an ok scope for small use?, mainly for mcu's etc, like checking spi trafikk, i2c or so on, and occasionally use for checking output of psu maybe, well, not professional use anyway ;)

I have been watching the series of Gerry Sweeney where he builds an psu, and very much like the Singleshot option he has on his scope, can I excect such functionality on this scope?
Of course I would love an agilent x3000 series, but kinda expensive for hobby ;)

Or is it waste of time/money?


It has an extremely slow sample rate - 200 MSa/s for 1CH and 100 MSa/s for 2CH.

Not sure of your location, but Tequipment has the Rigol DS1052E for $329 - 6% eevblog discount and free shipping.  You can the upgrade its bandwidth to 100 MHz and it has 1 GSa/s for 1CH and 500 MSa/s for 2CH...  New with 3 yr warranty.  There might be something better in this price range, I'd wait for others to chime in to see.

Good luck,



--- Quote from: neslekkim on July 24, 2013, 08:33:07 pm ---Or is it waste of time/money?

--- End quote ---

if you get it for max. 100USD (with shipment!) then yes, take it. Everything else is big waste of money.

but what is this thing about sample rate: "25GS/s per channel in equivalent sampling range"

Ok, so the DS1052e can be upgraded by software?

For a starter scope try a Rigol, or one of those Chinese brands. I just got a Siglent 100MHz for $330 shipped. Below are some recommendations on ebay.

50Mhz for REALLY good price:

Hackable hantek:

And the venerable Rigol:


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