Author Topic: Anyone have experience with the SynthHD Pro by Windfreak Technologies?  (Read 134 times)

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Checking to see if anyone owns are has tested this device.

I'm considering getting this unit as I need to be able to pulse two pure sin waveforms with a small delta_f between them, while the phases of the wavefront do not chance between each pulse.

I am unable to achieve this for certain frequencies using two Agilent E8267D signal generators while the 10MHz clocks are tied.
f2 is only phase locked with respect to f1 so long as f2 is in increments of 10MHz 

f1 = 5 [GHz]
f2 = 5.01 [GHz] 
phases are locked between each pulse

f1 = 5 [GHz]
f2 = 5.011 [GHz] 
phases are not locked between each pulse

It appears the SynthHD Pro should be able to do this, and value on this device seems pretty insane for the price. Looking at the data sheet, I may need to use some band pass filters along with this unit, as at higher power, the 1/2 harmonic seems to be on the same level as the fundamental. However, if I'm using a wave guide, this shouldn't be a problem so long as I include an isolator.

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