Author Topic: Arbtool 1.01 enclosed (CSV or multicycle generator to RIGOL ARB/RAF)  (Read 3027 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I had this in another thread, but probably no one was seeing it because it started as a question.

It will create a raw file (ARB, RAF) compatible with all EXCEPT the DG1000Z series which I think has a header on it.

Use 16384 for the points (memory) setting for built in gens in the DS1000Z/DS2000 scopes.  Use 4096 for the DG1022.

It can convert a raw CSV/TXT file to the ARB/RAF including scaling the voltages using the amplitude and offset settings.  It will calculate and display the valid range of voltages.  Voltages outside of this range will rail at the highest or lowest 14 bit value.  It will automatically up/down convert a CSV file to the number of points you specify.  For example, the supplied file.csv test file only has 16 points in it.  When you convert it, it will be up converted to the value in the points field.  There is an interpolation check box that can enable interpolation between points in this case that will create a straight line between them, turning it off will create a stair type effect.  There is a small graph window that shows what the waveform looks like.

There is also a tab that generates waveforms, you can make a sine/square/ramp/pulse/noise type of waveform.  The arbitrary waveform is supposed to be one cycle, but this allows you to specify the number of cycles you want so you can multiply your generator frequency.  If you put 5 cycles then when you specify 1 MHz on the waveform generator, it will generate 5 MHz.

I found that Rigol will tick a sample with 0x8000 if that sample is editable, so the tool will now create these editable points where it can.  If you import a CSV file that has 100 points, each point will be marked editable.  If you generate a square, ramp, or pulse in the generate waveform tab, it will mark those with editable points as well.

This is version 1.01.

It will not talk to a scope directly.  It will generate an ARB or RAF file that you can copy to a USB stick and load on the signal gen.

Good luck!
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Re: Arbtool 1.01 enclosed (CSV or multicycle generator to RIGOL ARB/RAF)
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Thanks for sharing. I haven't yet tested your software but maybe this is a good place to share the conversion program and file format info I gathered in 2014 for the DS1000Z-S: (C and Python sources as well as win32 binary). Looks like I had not completely figured out how the scope interpolates between points, though.

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