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Atten ADS1202CL+ (partial) teardown
« on: January 12, 2013, 03:40:03 pm »
Hi all,

I noticed the post Re: Atten oscilloscope firmware?\?\??; where a Siglent model (in that post, SDS1102CNL) equivalent to an Atten ADS scope (in that post, ADS1102CAL+) has been found by opening the Atten scope; so I thought I should do the same to my Atten ADS1202CL+ scope.

I only got it opened partially, so I can look at the main PCBs; and although I can confirm it is Siglent hardware inside - unfortunately I couldn't find any markings that make a correspondence to an exact Siglent model.

I had a bit of trouble removing the back panel; however, I found the post Re: Siglent SDS1000 7" oscilloscope anatomy, which led to Hotsolder | How to Disassemble (Take Apart) a Rigol DS1052E, DS1102E, DS1052D, DS1102D - where the commentators seemingly had a similar problem as I did:

These pictures omit the most difficult part: getting the plastic case past the C14 power connector. I have yet to find any reliable way of doing this.
I’m still struggling to get to step one of the slideshow, getting the case off. I only broke the trigger control knob and want to replace it, but can’t get the cover off.

That post further refers to a slideshow in Picasa Web Albums - Al Williams - Rigol Scope Tear Down. Judging by those images, the Rigol in question has nearly the same form as this Atten; note that the first image states:
4 screws for the case (2 under handle);

Right, here it is - first of, this is how the Atten ADS1202CL+ scope looks from the back:

Those 2 screws under the handle are not very easy to see, so they are shown on the image below:

The other 4 screws are easier to see, they are right by the two flaps on the bottom - on the image below, only one screw can be seen (the rest are removed):

Now you can slowly start removing the back cover - expect it to show some resistance once it has been separated by as much as shown on the below image:

Slowly trying to pull (and release) the back cover, I finally managed to remove it, but not completely - it turns out that the wires for the power connector are what is holding the panel back. Note these power connector wires end with a connector at the PCB indicated by the arrow:

A slightly better view at the power connector (but the PCB where the power lines terminate is not obvious):

One could probably remove the power lines (and the back panel) by disconnecting the white power wires connector from the PCB; however, I didn't do that - I just rotated the back panel. 

Then there is the rear shield. This image, from the slideshow noted above, states: "Only thing holding rear shield are the jack nuts on the DB9 and the press fit 'dimples' in the shield". The DB9 jack nuts are indicated on the image below:

Otherwise, the rear shield is made of rather soft metal (aluminum), and can be removed with just your hands. Once removed, two main PCBs can be seen. The PCB parallel to the screen plane has a marking "SAT7.820.631H SIGLENT" - and is shown on image below:

The PCB perpendicular to the screen plane has markings "SIGLENT", "CA_M_111000", "SAT7.820.6810" - and is shown on the image below:

Since I couldn't see any markings that would make a direct correspondence to a Siglent SDS scope, I basically stopped the disassembly here :)


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Re: Atten ADS1202CL+ (partial) teardown
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2013, 12:59:38 pm »
i missed this teardown, ahh.

Interessting to see that ATTEN/Siglent removed not only the SRAM  (which is typical for CA/CAL models) but as well one ADC.

This measn they clocking the remained ADCs at 125MHz (like Hantek/Tekway/Instek is doing) to save some money.
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Re: Atten ADS1202CL+ (partial) teardown
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2014, 05:30:20 am »
curious can you solder the ADC back in? and repopulate the missing parts?

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Re: Atten ADS1202CL+ (partial) teardown
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2018, 12:49:46 pm »
Hi There,

I know this is a very old conversation but did you ever update it ?


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Re: Atten ADS1202CL+ (partial) teardown
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2019, 01:06:10 am »
Hi everybody.

Does anybody know the type of missing ADC ?

I plan to buy and solder it.

Memory must be

Am I right ?
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