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Atten APS3005S Teardown and Upgrade


Hey folks,

Figured I'd try my hand at doing a teardown and upgrade video.  I picked up an Atten APS3005S power supply as I needed an inexpensive 5a variable bench supply and figured for $80US it was worth a chance.  It performs well but the junky always-on fan was really annoying so I decided to swap that out as well as put in the thermal switch that was missing from my version of the supply.

Nice!  Thanks for making it available.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I just got one this unit works a treat. Especially important, there is no overshoot/undershoot when switching it on/off; the old GW/Instek ones I am used to are notorious for this.

Great to hear.  Did you do the test under its rated load?  That would be best.

Unfortunately I don't have anything handy to test it, but I have run each channel at 12V/3A with no problems at all.


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