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SAIKE 852D+ 220V Iron Solder Soldering Hot Air Gun - help needed !

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I am currently working with Goot branded pistol kind of look soldering iron , Yup that one's with the "boost" from 20W ussual to 200W when boost being pressed

but that pretty much sucs ... I think I need proper soldering station and definitely not that  conical tip rubbish ...

so I let the stupid cheap chinese  no name a chance ( look like Hakko 937 clone )  and it was so sucs .... +/- 12C ??? are you kidding me ? 0_0

any how ... Assuming I'll get my money back ... I thought of Hakko Fx 888 , But then I saw this SAIKE 852D and it has soldering station plus the hot air .. and both for about the same price ( I can get ) Hence I'll ask you , what do you think ? what shall I pick up ?

thank you in advance :)

looks like this is cheap unit and so on ... I think of buying this one :

any thoughts ? any comments ?

thank you in advance :)


can someone please help me ?

I need to buy some real soldering station and this one seem like good value for money ...

please help me

P.s : I've Changed the title because I need the opinion for the 2nd unit I wonder about  :-/O

Really, crap like this has been discussed a thousand times here. Buy it if you want it, buy it if you can't afford something better.Don't blame anyone if it turns out to be crap. In the end it is your decision and money.


thank you :)

And what about the FX-888 on Ebay ? is there some known seller that known as one who sell genuine one ?

and sorry for not seeing thous threads who discussed this topic before :(


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