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ATX to PSU?? No negative?

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I have a simple ATX bench supply, and it has +12, -12, +5, -5, and 3.3. I can get up to 1 amp on each negative rail. It works ok for simple stuff, but it has horrible ripple and enough current to melt stuff. I only made one because I had the stuff lying around and was broke. I hope to get a real bench supply soon, it's safer.

I got this kit from Jameco, it has positive and negative adjustable rails, but low current. It might work for your needs.

Please also keep in mind that most ATX PSUs require some minimum load to generate stable outputs.

So you would end up with adding some dummy load resistors, probably a voltage regulator (if you need just 5v it's fine to hook some L7805 between +5V and +12V, so you just get the 2V required voltage drop for the chip). But it's still main earth referenced.

If you have one spare lying around, just using it for the first steps could be okay, but your first goal should be to replace it with some serious power supply.


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