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Does anyone have Audio Precision SYS-2722 Service Manual available?


Even though there is a document named "service manual" for the system two range of analyzers, there is nothing available that is useful for repairing.
I have this manual and it only contains the calibration and adjustment procedures. Don't be fooled by the drawings - they don't show anything. And it is difficult to get and expensive.

Perhaps the end of the AP2700 series (and previous ones a long time ago) would let AP to publish actual service manuals (like for the  system one devices), but I'm not very hopeful...


I no longer have access to the SYS-2722 anyway.. great piece of equipment though!

Hi Jerome,
Is there anyway you can share a copy of this manual with me? I have a 2222A that needs some post-repair adjustments and AP is not willing to help.
Many thanks,

After a couple years, just checking if anyone has SYS-2722 from Audio Precision service manuals.. AP has really seriously stopped support for this model. A unit I have just started giving connection errors:

* Incident code 66646 on startup
* Error 8501: undefined DSP error
* Error 8611: an error has occurred, probably APIB


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