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awg2020 users manuals/how to beat 2.5 MHz limit
« on: September 20, 2015, 04:29:32 pm »
I am a proud new owner of a working awg2020 function generator. the data sheet said this unit can do pretty fast sine waves and whatnot, but the function generator part of it locks it out at 2.5 MHz despite a 250MHz clock.

Now I understand that there is a formula which depends on the # of bits in a DAC and the clock speed limiting the maximum waveform speed @ x number of bits, but the manual pretty clearly states that the unit is capable of doing much faster waveforms then 2.5MHz.

How do I get this functionality at the expense of bits? Is it something that you need to actually program in on the floppy disk/GPIB?

is there a ENOB menu or something like that?

i know its happy when I turn it on because it plays me a little relay click song  :-+

is there no way to just make the FG "menu" say "fuck it, go full speed idc about how it looks"
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