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Batronix BXM98P, Amprobe AM-510 or EXTECH EX330

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I can get one of this for +- the same price.

Which one should I take?

Really thanks :)

The Batronix is a Victor VC9806+ or 9807+. I have a Victor VC9806+ and it has held its accuracy for two years now when compared to a DMMCheck. It is not safe for mains use as it uses little glass fuses for its current protection and the circuit board design does not meet its CAT ratings. However for the price it is a decent meter for electronics use and seems to be high accuracy for the price.

The Amprobe AM-520 has been reviewed here on the forums and it looks like a good safe meter for general electrical work with good features. The AM-510 has lower accuracy than the Batronix/Victor meter but it is built much better for safety and I would prefer to have it as a general meter than the Victor.

The Extech EX series have been demonstrated many times, here on this forum and other places, to be less than well built in in some cases dangerously so with parts falling out on the inputs. I would stay away.

In short, get the Amprobe and have a good safe meter that should serve you well for anything you might want to do, and later if you need a higher accuracy meter you will know what you want. The Amprobe will last much longer than the other two IMHO.

Yep, I would also go for the Amprobe, for the same reasons, adding that manual ranging only on the Batronix would be a pain in the proverbial behind.

i like the amprobe. we've some in school and they do very well done meter!

I have two Amprobe meters. I like them both a lot. I'm sorry I cannot speak for the others.


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