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Re: New eevblog multimeter?
« Reply #200 on: August 24, 2020, 04:39:26 pm »
Just to be clear when I made the comment:
I would have thought that the latching relays was unique to this product but from your post is sounds like they have been having problems with other models.
,   I was referring to Gossen products. 

As I said, the Agilent 1252b also uses one latching relay in the AC/DC path. A lot of older Philips/Fluke scopemeters also in the attenuater circuit.

My old Fluke 97 scopemeters use them.  Out of interest, I used that same magnet I used to demonstrate the problem with the Gossen Ultra to see if the Fluke was sensitive to it.  I tried moving the magnet all about the case and it had no effect.   So I brought out the tape eraser and held it right next to the case fully expecting the relays to chatter but nothing.   

Mine is using Takamisawa RAL3W-K.  These are physically much larger than the relays used in the Gossen.  They also have some metal shielding around them which may help.
How electrically robust is your meter??

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