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Title: B&K Precision 2810
Post by: (In)Sanity on May 21, 2013, 03:29:59 am
So over the weekend I scored (?) one B&K Precision 2810 meter dated 1978 for around $2.   


The crazy part is it's still spot on accurate on all range,  DC, AC,  Ohms,  Current.  On DC and AC it's within 1 digit,  ohms is just a couple digits out and current not far behind.   It actually rounds up at the right spot on DC volts vs my 3457A.

I can't find a thing about this meter anywhere.   Does anyone have any documents for it,  specs,  etc..etc ?   Yes I'm a bit of a B&K fan.  I guess I should have got my fluke 8050A in the picture as well as the meter on the Tektronix 2465BDM and let's not forget the Harbor Freight POS :)