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BK Precision 389A - Any good?

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Hey there everyone.
Does anybody own or has anyone used the BK Precision 389A (or 390A even)? I'm in the market for a new meter around ~$150 CAD and would like some opinions on this thing. I can't seem to find any reviews of it. I know the 2709B is supposedly a pretty sweet deal, though I can't help but feel that the 389A would be more solid overall based on specs. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

I can't comment on the BK multimeters since I have never used one, but if you are not opposed to buying an used multimeter, you may find a Fluke 87 III or 87V on your local kijiji for $150 CDN or less?  Just make sure the fuses are not blown as they are expensive (between $6 and $9 each) and test all the functions before buying.

$100 for an original Fluke 87 in good condition is "fair" market value in Canada.

Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for those. Would not mind having a fluke  :)

Dave had a BK 2709B in his $100 shootout. From this, it appears that the 389A might have the same 500V fuses, but I was impressed with the internal build quality and input protection otherwise.

It did look pretty good though I was hoping that maybe the 389A would be similar with better accuracy and fewer annoying issues.


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