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BK Precision 4017B DDS Function Generator

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I just put a best offer on a BK 4017B function generator on eBay and got it. It seems like a good general purpose function generator, I don't need much, just more than the old home-built opamp generator can give. I had been bidding on some non-DDS function generators, even the older BK 4017, but this wasn't going for that much more.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Not a whole lot of information out there on them.

I just got the function generator today and the 50 ohm output fuse is blown, it is a little SMD fuse with the marking F250 on it, which I assume is just voltage and gives me no useful information. I can't find a service manual for it, but I did email BK and asked if they could tell me the value of the fuses.

If BK doesn't respond, I'm going to have to determine a replacement for myself, would I be wrong in thinking that 0.2A would be appropriate since the output is 10V and 50 ohms?

F250 means Fast blow 250mA, so your assumption is more or less correct.


--- Quote from: david77 on July 13, 2013, 07:39:28 am ---F250 means Fast blow 250mA, so your assumption is more or less correct.

--- End quote ---
Makes sense, I was just assuming it was voltage because 250V is very common in fuses. I was also assuming the outputs would be fused differently, though that is based on no prior experience.

I need to find some kind of cheat sheet for SMD markings, I'm so used to through hole.

Thanks, now I just need to measure the thing so I get the right size.

Probably a good idea to get replacement devices for the output stage at the same time. Chances are pretty good the fuse didn't save them...


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