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Blew Up My First Oscilloscope!!!

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Woops, not sure what happened. I was going through the first chapter of my oscilloscope manual and all of a sudden I heard frying/sizzling and then a tonne of magic smoke (I'm guessing a large capacitor). (It was still working while I was pulling the power chord out).

The only thing that I didn't do according to the manual was have probes inserted. But no measurements were even required up to this point in time. The manual was mostly just going through using all the menus and knobs and buttons.

The frying happened when I got to the section of triggering (went though some basic things in Vertical and Horizontal controls). After pressing Auto, I pressed the Trigger->Mode button and then I cycled through the various modes and then boom!

What on earth happened? Anyone have any ideas?

Most likely not your fault. This is an old device, capacitors are all dried up by now.

Disassemble it and see what exactly is blown.

Yep, no input on the front and it's quite unlikely it was you.  Most likely adjusting the controls was coincidental, but maybe a setting turned on something which was not happy to be on.  The next step is definitely to sniff around and find the smoked bit.

Unless you ignored a voltage selector at the back (or the rating itself) most likely not your fault..

Schaffner line filter perhaps?


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