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Bought two used, cheap oscilloscopes, questions.


Hello, I watched "EEVblog #498 - How to get a $50 Oscilloscope on Ebay" and started looking for used oscilloscopes.
I never had an oscilloscope, I'm really an beginner at electronics, but I'm learning... I've used oscilloscopes though so it's not all new to me.

However, this dude was selling this Kenwood CS-4025 20MHz, dual channel oscilloscope for 30 euros, (40 US dollars), I thought it was simple enough to get started with and cheap ofcourse, so I went to pick it up. When I arrived there, he had another oscilloscope, Iwatsu DS-8621 200MHz four channel and was asking 40 euros (53 US dollars) for it so I bought it too.
So now I have two oscilloscopes... They both are supposed to be working and that's what it seems like, they had no probes so I have to buy them too.

I couldn't really find anything about the Iwatsu oscilloscope. It seems fairly high end though. It also says "Storagescope" on it, what does that mean? Sorry if that's a stupid question, I'm just still a beginner.

Is there anything I should know about these? Anything I should check?

Thanks in advance.

Storage scope means that it can sample and store your input signals in memory.

The 8600 series doesn't seem to be on their webpage but you might be able to get them to send you a pdf of the manual or possibly it is hidden on the site somewhere:

Storage scope can be both a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), which samples the signals with an ADC, stores them in memory and then displays the digitized signal, or analog storage scopes. Analog storage scopes use a special CRT that can retain the image for a while. These are pretty much obsolete. I think this is a DSO. Tektronix's 'XYZs of oscilloscopes' primer provides some information about the differences between digital and analog scopes.

Storage is useful for non-repetitive signals, for example turn-on behavior of a circuit. If you don't feel like flicking the power switch continuously, then storage is very helpful. Now digital (storage) scopes (essentially all digital scopes have storage), especially the earlier ones, also have disadvantages, so there may definitely be an advantage to holding on to both. And acquiring another dozen if you ask some people on this forum ;).


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