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Brand New HP scope comes with expired calibration paper


Im just wondering if this is normal or what, I bought a new HP scope from Allied Electronics, and it sat on the shelf so long that the calibration has expired. They are offering to let me return it or let them send it to HP for calibration, and will take about 6 weeks.

Any ideas, maybe something Im not thinking of?
Im probably just going to keep it. It is the DSOX3014A. My first new scope purchase ever.

Thank you

If it is a HP,it must be quite old,as the test equipment has been Agilent for some years now.

It is probably a scope, that was not paid for by some other customer and you got it. 

Well, you only have the two options there, or the third option of doing nothing.
These things have two years cal interval now, so it's been on the shelf for 2 years?
If you can afford the 6 weeks, then maybe it's worth doing, but really these things don't go out of cal.
6 weeks seems a bit stuff, ask them for a loaner in the mean time.


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