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Buy 4in1 Test Workbench (metex ms-9160)


Hi all, I am a student currently studying computer system and electronics. I am looking to purchase a 4 in 1 test workbench ideally the metex ms-9160 or a very similar product, as this is the one I use in labs and therefore more familiar with. Anyways I was wondering if anyone who has one and doesn't use it would be willing to sell it? or point me in the correct direction where to get one (as cheap as possible  :) ) thanks for taking the time to read!

if you're in europe, you can see this one that is very cheap (for now) but you will be able to see the market price of this item.

I had one 10 years ago, it's an old stuff the power supply part and the multimeter were nice, but the frequency generator and counter really not precise at all. I switched to hameg 8000 serie after that . I'm sure you dont need all the instruments of the ms9160, so buy the hameg modules you need they are far better.

thank you for your reply. To be honest the main thing i need is a vriable dc volatage supply and a variable signal generator. Does the  hameg 8000 series provide this for a low price? thanks again

search for hameg 8040 and 8030 on ebay. you can get a good used one for 100-150 euros
new they cost some 400 euros each
dont forget the 8001 bay that power 2 modules.
sometimes you get some bargain with the 3 modules on one auction - you only have to be patient.


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