Author Topic: What is the name of this thing (for simple AC power measurements)?  (Read 622 times)

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I've noticed "magic" BLACK box on this video (at 2:25) with AC socket and jumpers:

I'd like to buy such thing. I know, that it's quire easy to be build on my own, but I like "safe" jumpers, which are "essential" for this design...

What is the "merchant" name of this thing or, maybe, where it can be bought?


Edit. O'k, I've found jumpers, but still...
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Re: What is the name of this thing (for simple AC power measurements)?
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Google AC Test Fixture and that should bring up a few different varieties

Something like this

Companies that make power analyzers (Zimmer, voltech etc...) make them too bit be prepared to pay big $$$$$ (for essentially a box with a fuse, switch, mains socket and some banana sockets)

If you have a clamp meter, these are really handy. Gives you 1x and 10x current (just the active looping around 10 times).
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